Displaying Data

We were briefed to help Co-op find a way to display customer data to their staff, not only at head quarters but also in stores across the UK, by creating internal comms posters.

With over 1800 stores to cater for we needed to find a creative way that not only made the data easy to understand, but also be easily adaptable based on the data provided.


Rather than doing the obvious ‘infographic’ approach we decided to propose something a little more hand made and considered.

The Co-op style guide already utilised an illustration style, however in our opinion to make the data and creative execution really stand out we needed to inject a bit more life into the delivery of the poster by actually building a miniature 3D model of the store and characters.

Digital Mock-Up

In order to ensure the data would fit, and to get full buy in from the client, we produced a full data mock up using the brand illustration style.

Model making and photoshooting

Upon client approval we then commissioned the build of the model. This consisted of the store, shelving, counter and the various characters.

We organised and art directed a half day photoshoot where we captured the main hero shot, as well as a series of alternatives to use as the campaign grows over the next 3 quarters.

The Real Thing

Why should internal comms be any less creative than other forms of advertising? Well the answer is, they shouldn’t.

We’re big believers in creativity and in doing things differently. Neither of which start with an illustrator file or a layered PSD. So, for us, internal comms should be as well thought out as any other form of communication. They deserve the same level of creativity.

We believe the final poster looks far stronger and has greater depth than that of a digital mock-up.