Help Yourself…

Natural Balance Foods have an incredible range of different flavoured Nakd bars. For their summer activation, NBF briefed us specifically to talk about range and also encourage people to trial.

As part of our creative thinking, we proposed that NBF ran an engagement activation in order to encourage trial, as well as give a ‘flavour’ of the brand’s personality and its values.

Brand In The Hand

Our idea was to create an edible wall where passers by could literally help themselves to any flavour they liked.

The wall was designed to accommodate all flavours and give the passer by a ‘Nakd’ experience.

We also included a ‘surprise’ promotional prize mechanic  into the constrution so that we could create extra social content, and brand experiences, for the lucky winner and passers by.

OOH Ad Of The Week

The edible wall was constructed at the Westfield Centre in Shepherd’s Bush and was there for 5 days.

In that time, over 40,000 bars were distributed promoting healthy snacking.

Also, our edible wall was awarded OOH Ad Of The Week by Cream Online.

ATL Advertising

In order to continue the theme of the edible wall, and show the full range, we proposed a typographic led advertising campaign that mirrored that style.

We proposed that the advertising used different messages to promote the health benefits of the bar as well as finding the bar for you. We also wanted to target snacking times during the day where people could ‘try their fave’.

Large Format & Press Advertising

We designed and produced all of the ATL advertising for this campaign, including London Underground 48 sheets, bus sides, national press advertising and specialist magazine adverts.