The Heart of the Gin

H.J. Neill Limited approached us to create and deliver the brand story behind their super premium Small Batch London Dry Gin.

We were tasked with giving people a reason to believe in the product as well as maintain a premium expression throughout all consumer and business touchpoints along the way.

Our first port of call was to develop the correct tone of voice and back story for the brand. We needed to be mindul that in a saturated market place, where there are already over 500 gins in the UK, Marylebone needed to be expressed verbally in a premium and distinctive way, allowing it to own its place in the Premium Small Batch arena.

Keeping it Premium

As a premium brand, Hit is of upmost importance how the brand is perceived on shelf and in bar. We continued to deliver this high end premium feel in the glassware design and development giving subtle hints of the brand mark whilst mirroring the cobalt blue of the bottle on the stem of the glass.

On the grocery shelves there is further opportunity to express the brand story. We designed and developed bottle packaging that heroed the distinctive bottle whilst gently communicating reason to believe to our consumers.


Creating collateral that exudes the premium nature of the brand at high end bars is essential for a product like Marylebone Gin.

We created these cocktail leaflets that not only utilised the specially art directed drinks shots but also re-inforced the heritage and story behind the Gin.

To ensure brand consistency, and a premium print finish when developing the leaflet, we attached the copper foil to that used on the bottle label. All the leaflets were produced on a premium stock and were concertina folded as opposed to a standard roll fold.

Website Design

The website was designed to be to be a portfolio piece for the brand as well as giving the the viewer an insight into the history and the latest innovations from the Gin brand.

It was created to work effortlessly across mobile and desktop devices ensuring the brand personality continued to feel as premium as possible.


Our physical expression of the brand is a unique installation of a pot still in 108 Brasserie at the Marylebone Hotel.

We visualised how the still, called Isabella, should be integrated into Bar 108 ensuring that it felt part of the surroundings without losing the brand consistency of Marylebone Gin.

Isabella, Marylebone Gin’s beautiful tiny pot still, is now wonderfully at home in the Marylebone Hotel at 108 Brasserie.

Isabella’s home seamlessly fits with the interior design of 108 and continues to express Marylebone Gin’s premium brand story.