Life’s better balanced

Symprove is a unique water-based food supplement that, when used in conjunction with a balanced lifestyle, can improve your gut health and nourish your microbiome.

Scientists are still learning about the importance of our microbiome but one thing is clear, if you look after your gut and your gut microbiome, it will look after you.

Our challenge was to produce a series of adverts that would place Symprove at the very heart (or gut) of a balanced lifestyle, across different age groups and genders.

It was important to represent the benefits of a healthy gut across a number of scenarios – health & beauty being one of those. A nourished microbiome can affect your skin in a positive manner and therefore this naturally became our starting point for rolling out a series of creative executions.

The ‘gut’ of the matter

We wanted to ensure these creative executions stood out as something new and exciting from Symprove. They needed to appeal and communicate to our consumer audiences and perform harder than previous ‘medically skewed’ trade advert executions. These ads were placed in publications such as Women’s Health,  The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Mail, The Evening Standard – to name but a few – and ran pre and post-Christmas 2020.

Placing Symprove at the centre of a well-balanced advert meant that we could ‘‘allude’’ to a number of the supporting product benefits.

Better balanced Digital Ads

Working closely with our media partner, Fifty, we tailored our series of adverts to a multitude of different, but most importantly relevant, audiences.

We delivered digital ads across social media (Instagram and Facebook) and programmatic, utilising both full animation and HTML5 delivery ensuring that the campaign had significant reach.