Going with our gut

Our strategic and creative challenge was to align Symprove with a panel of thought leaders by bringing to life a series of online interviews. 

Our approach led us to turn this into a series of ‘talk show-esque’ episodes that would broadcast ‘live’ via Symprove’s social channels, as well as providing content for their own YouTube channel.

Our first task was to name the ‘series’ and create a look and feel for this entity. As this was centred around a range of discussions and insights on all matters surrounding the gut the name ‘Gut Matters’ was conceived.

Bringing the Avatar to life

We created an animated introduction, for each episode, that delivered on brand and visually represented the product intrinsics.

By creating something new we were able to show the Symprove journey and make it instantly recognisable as a Symprove property.

To elevate the look and feel, for what would essentially be a ‘talk show’ about all things gut, we needed to take the existing Symprove Avatar and really bring it to life in a way that was on brand, but had an extra premium and television broadcast quality to it.

Building the Symprove effect

In order to really show the Symprove effect we created a complete 3D model of the human body, stomach and gut.

Within this we took brand cues from the existing Symprove look and feel and put them in motion throughout our new Avatar.

Art Directing the animation technicians at Pebble Studios enabled us to create something unique that would be synonymous with Gut matters as a property.

Season One

The first 8 episodes were aired ‘live’ via Facebook and Instagram, whilst being housed later on via both the Symprove website and YouTube channel.

We created a suite of assets that were used across all touch points to advertise each episode and the experts who were going to be sharing their knowledge.

Due to the success of the first ever Gut Matters series there are plans to use this platform to deliver expert opinion year on year.