Beat the blues

RED Together is a movement that encourages people, of all abilities, to be physically active in order to maintain their mental and physical wellbeing. We have been involved with this movement from its inception and are passionate about what it stands for.

RED Together activates a fundraising initiative called RED January where each year they promote the positive effects of physical activity on mental wellbeing as well as raising funds to help their exclusive charity Mind (the mental health charity).

RED January 2019

We’ve worked in partnership with RED’s founder & CEO, Hannah Beecham, from the very beginning and are proud to be associated with a movement that shines the light on mental health in a positive way.

From logo design, all the way through to campaign planning and roll out, we’ve delivered across all touch points for this movement. This case study focuses on the 2019 campaign.


From the offset, we were involved in order to ensure that all major milestones were achieved throughout the year.

This included being responsible for the art direction and execution of the campaign shoot.

Over two days we covered Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Running, Swimming, Football and Walking.

We needed to capture different activities, a mix of genders and a variety of age groups in order to give the campaign breadth.

Website Design

The website needed to house all the relevant information about the movement and its charity partner, as well as be the ‘portal’ in which people could register for RED January.

We also create a download section that allowed registrants to acquire useful hints and tips guides, posters, sponsorship forms and fundraising guides.


In order to allow local Minds, and potential third parties, to embrace the campaign we developed a style guide and assets pack to ensure the brand and campaign remained consistent across all touch points .

Design, Production & Delivery

Anyone who registered to take part in RED January received a complimentary pair of RED laces. In order to help fundraise, and become a part of the community, the option to purchase an exclusive RED T-shirt was made available to all participants – with a percentage of the cost going directly to Mind.

We were responsible for the design, production and delivery of all RED January 2019 merchandise assets. This included the T-shirt, laces and mail pack that they were delivered to all registrants.


This campaign required collateral that would help the community fundraise. Therefore, we developed posters, sponsorship forms, fundraising packs and hints and tips guides.

Making things local.

With over 30 local Minds taking part in RED January 2019, we delivered bespoke versions of these items in order for them to publicise and recruit new REDers.

Social Media

The lions share of the advertising and marketing for RED January is via social engagement and word of mouth.

We designed and supplied all of the social content for the 2019 campaign.

Here are just a few examples. Throughout the campaign there was at least 1 social post per day.

The Community & Ambassadors

We encouraged the RED community to share their experiences.

This helped nurture the community and allowed it to embrace each others achievements, trials and tribulations in a positive way. 

We also utilised a number of Mind’s celebrity ambassadors to help drive extra media coverage and brand awareness.

Trebling the Community

Our core objective for 2019 was to grow the RED community… on January 1st 2019 we had grown it from 22,000 people to over 60,000.

This community of brave and supportive people are genuinely, and actively, helping each other through the bad times and it is wonderful to see and hear their stories.

Through RED January 2020 this community has continued to grow, not only in numbers but in strength too. In total, they have raised an incredible £2.5million for Mind. Together, we’re stronger.