Liam Gallagher is one of the most recognisable Rock ‘n’ Roll front men of all time, and we had the pleasure of creating the International and UK key art for As It Was.

This rockumentary pulls no punches and follows Liam’s fall from grace, after the split with Oasis, right through to his return to where he belongs, at the front of the stage, after the release of his first solo album ‘As You Were’.

Key Art

We were briefed to create a piece of key art that would capture the tone of the film whilst giving it a unique stand out.

This image of Liam is not only powerful and emotive, but also has a reflective quality to it. Positioning him leaning against the Title Treatment, in his iconic pose, eluded to him moving forward whilst telling the story of his past.

Press Advertising

Also, we delivered the press advertising for the campaign with adverts appearing in The Guardian, The Metro and The Daily Star, as well as the DVD and Blu-Ray artwork.


We’re always happy to receive feedback, especially when it’s like this!

Thanks very much Altitude for the opportunity to work on such a fantastic project.