Better Breaks

We were briefed to specifically promote ‘healthy snacking at break time’. The objective of this brief was to persuade people to snack healthily and raise awareness that having a break throughout the working day is a positive thing for one’s wellbeing.

We were also tasked with showcasing a range of the brands best selling flavours.

Our concept was based around the idea of adding something new or delightful to your break. Nakd has a playful tone of voice. With that in mind we delivered this concept line to verbally promote the ‘surprise and delight’ nature of the product.

To visually create a sense of ‘delight’ and to reinforce the ‘add’ we proposed that coffee/tea stains were doodled upon to create a level of fun and engagement.

The association with coffee/tea immediately implies break time, and the addition of the doodles gave us a creative platform to build on.

Adding The Delight

Once the concept was agreed we commissioned one of our illutrators to endulge himself with this idea.

We explored a plethora of delightfully fun ideas and illustrations to build a portfolio of characters that could be used throughout the campaign.

We delivered a series of individual and range creative expressions that exuded charm and a real sense of fun.

OOH Advertising

This campaign ran across a number of large formats on the London Underground and at main overground stations achieving maximum impact and impressions.

The campaign stretched from Out Of Home advertising, to press advertising and large format billboards.

One of our favourites being the large backlight site at Charing Cross station where it was juxtaposed against Burger King signage.


We believed that our concept was engaging enough to allow the public to express themselves for Nakd and so the NakdDoodle competition was created.

We asked Nakd followers on the social feeds to add a little delight to their break with the chance of actually becoming part of the January advertising campaign.

The level of creativity was exceptional and we are proud to have allowed real fans of the product to ultimately engage with, and express, the Nakd brand.

Competition entries needed to be posted through the social channels accompanied by the #nakddoodle hashtag in order for the doodle to be accepted .

The public were willing to physically engage with the brand and submitted some wonderful entries.

There were neary 200 entries in total which gave us an amazing selection to go through when deciding which entrants would be used as part of the January campaign.

In January, the client wanted to increase the health benefits messaging within the advertising and so these concepts were presented. 

We picked doodles that were relevant for the brand, and time of year, as well as ensuring that the client’s brief requirements would be met.

Competition Winners

There would only be two official competition winners. However, everyone who took part are winners in our eyes. By utilising the talents of an engaged and creative fanbase we managed to allow the public to take our big idea and run with it.

These are the two competition winners along side a variation on the September campaign work by Dave The Chimp (which also ran in January).